Valuing volunteers

I’ve just been working on evaluation reports (every managers favourite job!). Part of this included working out the financial value of the contribution of volunteers to our organisation. It came to over $46,000 in 2016. We’re a small organisation, this is a huge amount. And in all honesty, it is probably an underestimation as I’ve noticed volunteers tend to underplay the hours they contribute.

We have volunteers doing all sorts of things, from sharing professional skills to helping out in the office, serving on our committee, cooking food, leading clubs and so much more. Some of our events such as Film Society simply couldn’t run without volunteers. We’re just one organisation in Warrandyte. Imagine how much it would be if you added up the help at our schools, kids sport, the CFA, Church groups, Festival committee (and so many more, how many hours went into making that magnificent silver beast in the festival parade, the Wazza Whompa!). Well done Warrandyte, and a big thank you from the Neighbourhood House.

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