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Abstract Acrylics with Myra

Get creative and learn to create beautiful artwork

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Learn how to create modern, vibrant, and textual works of art. Local artist Myra Carter will guide you through the process from blank canvas (or paper) to your own original finished work of art. Course will cover: Getting started, making marks and layers (using brushes through to household objects), using differences in size and shape to improve your work, using different colours and values, putting it all together. BYO materials, ABSTRACT ART MATERIALS LIST For art class you will need: 1. Paint. Acrylic paint in the colours you would like to use. Its useful to have one black and one white for colour mixing. You can find paint in art shops as well as numerous online shops. Riot art often have good online sales. 2. Acrylic gloss medium. This is not essential but it keeps the paint from drying out too quickly while you are painting so it’s easier to blend colours. It also gives a soft sheen to the finished painting. There is no need to get an expensive one. Mont marte make a good one that is reasonably priced. Don’t get gloss gel as that makes the paint thicker. 3. Something to paint on. This can be anything of any size depending on what you would like to achieve. You can paint on stretched canvas, canvas pads, canvas boards, paper, etc. You can bring a large canvas or a small one or a variety of surfaces. 4. Brushes. Any type of paint brushes suitable for acrylic paint are fine. There is no need to get expensive brushes. I like taklon brushes as they give a smooth finish. It’s good to have a variety of sizes as they all give different brush strokes and you will need a larger brush if you will be doing a large painting. 5. Something to practice on. Each week we will be learning something new so you will need an art workbook to practise on. A canvas pad can also be used for this as it holds the paint well, can withstand layers of paint and can be framed if you are happy with the result. You can get these pads at riot art, art shops or often in the $2 shop in tunstall square near Chemist warehouse. You can buy stretched canvases there as well. 6. Something to mix paint on. This can be anything of your choice I.e. disposable palette pads, plastic plates etc. I have found the best thing for me is a light plastic chopping board covered with cooking foil as it holds a large quantity of paint and is easy to access with a variety of tools. Then you can just throw the foil away after use.

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