Sabine Withers

Adult Drawing & Gentle Exercise

Sabine is a European trained architect who enjoyed a successful career working internationally.  Her passion for architecture resulted in her becoming a senior detail designer working on a large variety of buildings including the redevelopment of No.1 Martin Place in Sydney, a significant landmark in the CBD.

Sabine's training required extensive practice to hone skills in drawing and sketching objects of all sorts and to be able to translate illustrations into real life projects.  

While raising two children, her focus changed and she followed her heart's calling.  Sabine feels moved by music of all types, painting and drawing for the sake of exploring, dancing and moving barefoot.  With a background in movement, Sabine brings experience, inspiration and enthsiasm to her work.

Sabine has training in:

  • Jazz Dance

  • Gymnastics

  • Aerobics

  • Nia Technique (movement/dance fitness)

  • Tai Chi - Qigong

  • Ageless Grace (seated exercises based on Neuroplasticity

  • Smart Moves (creator of this fun approach to staying young)

  • Movement Beyond Limits (originator of this unique sensory programme for individuals with disability)

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (MBSM)

Sabine's message is:

Movement is sweet medicine, through movement you find health

Art encourages conversation and gets you lost in time, be your own inspiration

Friends are precious and you can never have too many - come and make connections