Lean, Tone Sculpt


Train your way to a lean, toned and sculpted version of you! With a combination of interval training, resistance and core exercises, you will become fitter, healthier and happier.

Thurs 22nd April, 9.15-10.15am 10 weeks early bird $135, Full fee $145




Judi and Wendy

Learn, explore and practice classic asanas (postures), meditation & relaxation. Progressively improve both flexibility and relaxation skills.


With Judi Monday 19th April, 7-8 pm 9 weeks, early bird $122, full fee $131



With Wendy Friday 23rd April, 10:30-11:45am 10 weeks early bird$167.50

full fee$180

Hand Weights

Strong Women Stay Young


A great all over workout combining cardio, low impact moves & weights. Take care of all your fitness needs in one class. feel yourself regain strength, flexibility & energy.


Monday 19th of April, 9-10am 9 weeks

early bird $122, full fee $131


Tuesday 20th April, 10.30-11.30am 10 weeks, early bird $135, full fee $145


Friday 23rd April, 8-9am 10 weeks

early bird $135, full fee $145

Pilates, Yoga.JPG


Dee and Sanett

Improve core strength, posture & overall fitness. Experienced instructors. Benefits of Pilates include improved balance, posture & coordination.  Pilates helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation, restores vitality and elevates the


With Dee, Wednesday,  AM 21st April

9.15-10.15am 9 weeks, early bird $122

full fee $131.  (Note: No class 19/5).


With Sanett, Wednesday PM 21st April

6.30-7.30pm 10 weeks early bird$135

full fee$145

mens weights.JPG

Men's Weights


Improve strength & flexibility, maintain fitness & muscle mass. Exercises can be moderated for those recovering from injuries (discuss with the tutor).

Tuesday 20th April 20th 11.30-12.30pm 10 weeks early bird $135, full fee $145


Friday 23rd April, 9.15-10.15am 10 weeks early bird$135, full fee $145


Gentle Exercise


This class offers a great variability of fun exercises to increase range of movement, coordination, balance and strength that lead to greater comfort; easy to follow movement patterns to improve vitality, cognitive function and brain health. Can be taken seated.

Weds 21st April, 10.30-11.15am 10 weeks